Avionics Mandates: ADSB and GPS

If your aircraft is to be operated IFR, then the answer is one simple word: Yes.

As from February 2017 all IFR Airwork, Charter, or RPT aircraft must be equipped with ADSB out.

Aircraft that are solely operated in Private category IFR, may continue to operate without ADSB out fitted until 1 January 2020. Restrictions apply for entry into controlled airspace.

Airservices has some very useful information on ADSB and GPS mandates here.

There is currently no ADSB requirement for VFR aircraft. However if you fly regularly in controlled airspace, ADSB equipped aircraft will get a much easier run, because ATC have a very accurate picture of who you are, where you are, and which way you are moving.

Do I need ADSB?

Is my GPS OK for IFR?

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth International Airports now require all aircraft landing at these airport be equipped with Mode "S" transponders. This mandate is all about tracking surface movements of aircraft. Any modern ADSB transponder will meet this requirement.

Landing at International Airports?