March 20, 2017

Beech Bonanza, No Vacuum

VH-BZY has had a major upgrade, and now has an all electric set of flight instruments to go with an awesome stack of Garmin avionics.

We removed 2 complete Vacuum systems, including pumps, filters, regulators and plumbing. An Aspen EFD Pro 1000 EFIS replaces the primary flight instruments, with backup instrument functions provided by an L3 ESI-500 standby EFIS. The Aspen EFIS also integrates fully with the S-tec 55X autopilot to give flight director, and altitude pr-select functions.

Avionics are a Garmin 750/650 combo, running a remote audio panel, and remote transponder with ADSB out and in. The right instrument panel was cleaned up and iPad mount installed for all the EFB and extra flight data.

This is a highly capable avionics package squeezed into a standard sized panel.

September 20, 2016

Beech Bonanza Bendix/King Upgrade

Beechcraft Bonanza, now with added KSN770 and friends!
VH-ZWB has now departed back to central Queensland, following a Bendix/King avionics upgrade which included a KMA30 audio panel, KSN770 Navigator, and a KT74 transponder.
In addition to a new generation big touchscreen navigator, the aircraft also has more audio capability, including bluetooth phone interface. And of course, it is also ADSB compliant.

July 28, 2016

Fire Bomber Modifications

We recently hosted VH-XAT, an Air Tractor 802 Fire Boss. That's an amphibious fire bomber that can scoop 3000 litres of water in under 30 seconds!
Avisyst was contracted to install an assortment role equipment, including role radios, phone, Siren/PA, DAAM engine monitor system, tracking equipment, and a GPS.
Whilst we were at it, we made it ADSB too, by installing a Trig TT31, interfaced with the existing GNS430W.
Mechanical and sheetmetal assistance by Heliwork Queensland, and also assisted by Statewide Aviation.

January 28, 2016

Piper PA34 ADSB Upgrade

Avisyst has just completed an ADSB avionics upgrade for Air Fraser Island. Their Piper Seneca III aircraft, VH-MRY, is undergoing a major refurbishment, having just had significant engine/airframe work, and a fresh repaint.

The avionics in this aircraft were also due for some upgrading to add a modern GPS and ADSB capability.

Avisyst installed a Garmin GNS430 unit, with a Trig TT31 transponder. The existing KX165 Nav/Com was repositioned to #2 position, and all radios given a tidy up in the process.

Gerry Gelch of Air Fraser, was extremely happy with the result, now having a fairly simple, but highly capable avioncs package.

December 31, 2015

AW139 Medical Fitouts Delivered

In Mid 2015 Avisyst was asked By Helimods, a Caloundra based organisation, to assist with installation of Medical systems into a fleet of AW139 helicopters.

The modifications, designed and built by Helimods,  included medical flooring, cabinets, lighting, oxygen, and multiple power sources, as well as modifications to the existing role radio and intercom systems.

Avisyst staff put in a fairly intense few months in the lead up to Christmas, installing all the electrical and avionics aspects of these modifications. 5 aircraft were completed in this time, with the 5th aircaft being delivered on 27th December.

December 15, 2015

Avidyne IFD540 New software and features

Avisyst installed an IFD540 as part of an avionics upgrade to VH-ITZ around a year ago. Since then there have been a couple of software updates, the latest being version 10.1.1, which activates anumber of new features, including bluetooth and WiFi capability.

Aircraft owner Thomas Potter is very happy with the innovative and user frienly features, including a new remote keyboard for the system, operating via the inbuilt bluetooth feature of the IFD540.

September 30, 2015

Bell 412 ADSB Upgrade completed

VH-LLI has now been upgraded to ADSB. This job included removal of the original KXP756 transponder, installation of a Garmin GTX330ES transponder, and Weight on Ground system. Since this aircraft is fully NVIS compliant, the GTX330ES was NVIS modified, and NVIS re-certification carried out.

Pedestal modifications to squeeze the new transponder in, were carried out by the sheetmetal team at Heliwork Queensland.

A 3000 hourly inspection, and various other maintenance work was also carried out to get the aircraft back into tip top shape.

She is now ready for her next mission.

October 15, 2014

Bell 206 Instrument Panel Upgrade Before

This was the original instrument panel for VH-JAQ, a Bell 206B2. See below for the upgrade!

October 15, 2014

Bell 206 Instument Panel Upgrade After

VH-JAQ is a fairly mature Bell 206 B2, built in 1970. The original instrument panel was very dated, and was badly in need of some more modern instruments and annunciators, as you can see in the above photo.

Heliwork Queensland procured a new style instrument panel, and their very talented sheetmetal team carried out the transplant.

Avisyst then sorted through the various wiring modifications, annunciator panel and instrument upgrades to suit the new style panel.

The final touch was to add a Garmin Aera 795 GPS to the panel, again with some top class sheetmetal work by Heliwork.


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